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5 Tips Before You Undergo Hand Surgery

If your hand has been injured, finding a doctor to perform hand surgery in Chicago IL should be first on your list. Here are a few other helpful things to help prepare for the operation.

Bring someone with you

Recovering from surgery to your hand will depend on the severity or extent of the damage. In some cases, your doctor may allow you to go  home but only after you have recovered from the anesthetics used during the operation. You will not be in any condition to drive. In this light, it would be best if you brought someone along with you to drive you to and from the hospital.

Know what to expect

Once the operation is done, you may wake up to find your arm numb and floppy. This condition will not last, though. You only need to wait for the effects of the anesthetic to wear off to regain feeling in your you’re your doctor may recommend that you wear a sling to reduce any swelling afterward, says the NHS.

Take painkillers

Your hand will likely be bruised and swollen after your hand surgery in Chicago IL. Once the anesthetic wears off, the discomfort and pain will start. Ask your surgeon about pain medication you will need to take. Some may advise you to take the painkillers for as long as two weeks.

Stay at the hospital

In case you require hand therapy, you may need to stay longer at the hospital. Talk to your doctor to find out what your options are. That way, you can make the necessary arrangements beforehand. Don’t forget to talk about aftercare arrangements to allow you to plan ahead.

Pick the right one

Be sure to find a competent and trustworthy surgeon to operate. This will ensure higher chances of a successful surgery and recovery.

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