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After Hours Care From the Best Pediatrician in San Diego

There are many times when your child becomes sick or injured after normal doctor office hours, luckily the best pediatrician in San Diego offers reliable after hours care in several locations. Having the ability to get the medical care that you need for your child after hours from a trusted source is a great benefit. Many parents take advantage of this great service to get the care that they need for their child that can reduce the length of illness.

Waiting Until Monday?

How many times have you called for a same day appointment to see your child’s pediatrician only to hear that you will have to wait until the office opens on Monday? Of course you do not want to delay care because the condition can be worse and delaying care means prolonging the illness.
Why wait when you do not have to? Why should your child not get the care that they need right away?

The Options

When your child becomes suddenly ill, an illness worsens or there is an injury that is minor but bad enough to get some medical care you have a few different options if your pediatrician is closed:

  • The emergency room
  • Wait until the office opens
  • Try to take care of it on your own
  • Or visit on of the best pediatric care centers that offer “off hours” care

The emergency room unless it is an ambulance type emergency is a bad option. You can sit for hours and hours while your child becomes more and more cranky. Sometimes waiting until the office opens is not the best choice either because if your child needs antibiotics or other treatments the sooner you get them the better off they will be.  At home remedies can help if you know what you are dealing with.

You can visit Children’s Primary Care Medical Group after hours to get the best care for your child.

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