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One of the most important decisions you will make in terms of health care is choosing your primary care doctor in El Cajon for your child.  Most people do not realize how important their primary care doctor is to their overall long term health care. They think of their primary care doctor as someone that they see when they have minor illness and that refers them to other doctors when there are more specialized health care needs. The truth is that your primary care doctor is one of the most important players in your child’s healthcare.

Baselines, Charts and First Hand Knowledge

When you seek health care for your child it is important that there is a keeper so to speak that has all of the pertinent health care information like:

  • Past blood test results
  • Past urine screens
  • Diagnostic testing results like X-ray results

These results become a baseline that can be used for comparison in the event the child becomes ill. Without having a point of reference of what the body was like before the illness it can be very hard to be accurately diagnosed and treated. Your primary care doctor is the person that keeps all that information and is consulted when there is an illness or injury. They are able to tell specialists and other physicians about the health history which can be a huge help in the case of illness or injury.

A Strong Relationship

Your primary care doctor is your partner when it comes to your child’s health care. They get to know your child and understand their personality. In most cases, they will provide care for your child throughout their childhood. It is very important that you choose a primary health care provider that specializes in carrying for children. The Children’s Physicians Medical Group is a great choice.

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