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Patients who have an excellent relationship with their primary care doctor may be hesitant to seek alternative treatment for certain problems. Low Back Pain is a prime example of a condition that primary care may not be able to resolve, although professional advice about the daily use of over-the-counter pain medication is important. A primary care doctor also may refer a patient to a physical therapist, as this can sometimes help heal chronic back pain. What if the patient wants to seek treatment from a chiropractor? Should the patient tell the family doctor or keep it a secret?

It’s best to keep the primary care doctor in the loop about all alternative and complementary therapies the patient pursues for healing Low Back Pain. The best doctors are supportive for their patients even if they are somewhat of treatments outside of conventional Western medicine. In addition, many doctors are aware that chiropractic treatment, as well as massage therapy, can be very effective for back pain treatment. They’ve read research verifying this is the case. Some doctors even refer their patients to chiropractors if no other conservative treatments have been effective. They would rather try another conservative method than have their patient deal with the possibility of back surgery.

Chiropractic care is commonly called complementary therapy because it is used in combination with traditional medical treatment. In other words, it complements conventional treatment by providing additional therapy, rather than replacing standard medical care. The combination allows the patient to take charge of his or her health and wellness with an integrated treatment plan. A practitioner with a clinic such as Ft. Campbell Chiropractic is eager to work in tandem with the patient’s primary care doctor to help the person heal.

It’s important for the patient to be motivated to follow through on directions for exercises and other activities to do at home and at work. Studies have shown that many patients simply do not comply with the recommendations, and that defeats the entire purpose of complementary care. The chiropractor also may provide knowledgeable advice on supplements and nutrition that should be followed for best results.

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