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Cosmetic Tattoo Course In Sydney: Considerations

If you enjoy helping people, one career option that you have is to help others feel beautiful. It takes a patient person to help people look their best, which is even more challenging when hair loss is involved. If you’d like to advance your career, it might be time to take a cosmetic tattoo course in Sydney. Cosmetic tattoos are used to permanently enhance the look of the face and body. People who have lost their hair due to conditions such as alopecia, for instance, might choose to get cosmetically tattooed eyebrows. Others might have thin eyebrows and want to give the illusion that they are thicker than they really are.

Crystal Vongphrachanh represents PhiAcademy in Australia, and she is a Phibrows Microblading Master. As a child, she loved to draw and be creative; so she chose to a career where she could use her artistic flair. After setting up a salon in her home, Crystal learned about microblading and found PhiBrows. The unique stroke pattern enthralled her, so she found Master Vesna Jugovic and completed her training. As such, Crystal now offers a cosmetic tattoo course in Sydney to those who want to learn and perfect their skills. You don’t have to be an experienced technician; she has beginner classes and advanced courses for those already in the industry.

A cosmetic tattoo course in Sydney usually takes about six months to complete. There is a live training option or an online-only programme. You might be able to complete it in less time, but the goal here is to practice your skills until you are a master. It’s important that students have the right tools, so as part of the training, you get a PhiBrows premium kit that includes everything you need. Items inside can consist of stroke markers, PhiCompass, scissors/tweezers, pigment container, and aftercare products. If you’re interested in learning the PhiBrows technique and methodology, you can enquire now.

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