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Discover Why You May Need a Hair Transplant in Philadelphia

You may have heard of hair transplants, but probably don’t know if you are a good candidate for one. This is an understandable. Because a hair transplant is a surgical procedure — albeit a minimally invasive one — many people are confused about what surgical hair restoration entails or if it is “too much” for their own hair loss. The reality is that hair transplants are a very tried and tested solution, and one which benefits a wide variety of hair loss sufferers. If you are noticing your hair progressively thinning or have suffered from bald “patches” for years, a hair transplant in Philadelphia may be a good solution.

Are You a Candidate For a Hair Transplant?

Most hair loss sufferers are good candidates for surgery. Particularly those with classic “genetic patterned hair loss.” Because your own hair follicles are used for a transplant, you will typically need to have hair in the “donor region” on the sides and back of the scalp available for surgery. Patients with classic genetic patterned hair loss typically have an abundant supply of strong, immune follicles available in the donor region. If that is the case, you are likely a candidate for a hair transplant in Philadelphia. Now, just because you have adequate donor for surgery does not automatically mean you can have surgery. Obviously there are other factors to consider, and these can only be determined by an experienced hair restoration doctor. To determine if you are a candidate and to discuss how your surgery may be performed and what results you may be able to expect, contact us at Feller & Bloxham Medical. We have a fully functional medical and surgical office in Philadelphia, and are happy to see you for a consultation. Please visit for more information.

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