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At Seattle Naturopathy & Acupuncture Center we are very aware of the many difficulties and oppressive conditions that transgender identified people experience when seeking out health care. We are committed to providing quality health care to transgender people and all people in the LGBQT community.

Experienced Professionals and a Welcoming Environment

We want to create an environment that is LGBTQ-welcoming, comfortable, and ready to provide you with the health care services that you need to maintain a level of good health. A welcoming environment should include:

  • A professional staff that has an interest in providing LGBTQ care
  • A commitment to dignified treatment from the front office to the exam room
  • An experienced staff that provides the services you need
  • A professional staff of highly qualified providers who can provide you with excellent care
  • Respecting your pronouns of choice

Your comfort level should be one of the major considerations when you are seeking transgender care in Seattle, but unfortunately many providers do not go out of their way to ensure your comfort level. Being able to speak frankly about your needs and to ask questions about your concerns is a key factor in getting focused health care that is designed to improve your overall wellness.

Every provider in our practice creates a comfortable environment of acceptance. This includes our office staff as well. Feeling welcomed and knowing that you are going to get the health care you deserve starts from the minute you walk in.

A welcoming environment does not necessarily help, however, unless you also receive the focused services that you need to keep your body well. The clinic must also include highly qualified practitioners! Seattle Naturopathy & Acupuncture Center is accepting new patients and committed to providing quality transgender care services. Call today to make your appointment!

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