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Having “The Talk” with Mom and Dad

It’s the conversation that almost every person dreads having with their very independent parents. No, not the one about driving. No, not the one about downsizing, or possibly moving to a senior community. No, not the one about getting some help around the house.

The conversation about traveling. Specifically, the one about getting a flying nurse to travel with them. Travel companions for seniors are one of the best ways to make sure that your parents have a safe and comfortable ride, especially if they have medical conditions that make travel difficult. It may be Parkinson’s, or a recent hip replacement, the need for oxygen for COPD, or an IV when flying for treatment at a distant hospital. Someone next to them in the cabin will go a long way to making them feel more comfortable and confident, and a long way to reassuring you that they are in the best of care.

Certifications Matter

Ideally, you should choose a certified flight registered nurse to accompany your parents. A CFRN has additional qualifications that an LPN just doesn’t have – and LPNs do not qualify as flight nurses. The credential is available only to a licensed RN or BSN, and most companies will not hire a flight nurse without any other experience. In other words, a flight nurse is experienced in emergency medicine, and has also passed coursework, and an examination in order to become certified.

Work with Professionals

A flight nurse provides an extra measure of medical knowledge and experience that is beyond even the most well-meaning family member or flight crew. Don’t put a fragile elder in the care of anyone who is less than fully qualified to step up to a medical emergency in the air. Find your go-to flight nurse today!

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