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If you’re struggling with opioid addiction, you may have tried to quit using at least once without success. This is a situation many people face before they recognize that they need help. Suboxone doctors in Tinley Park, IL, can help you get clean, so you can pursue the other steps in your addiction recovery. They can help you go through a controlled detox that will be safer and more successful.

Recover Safely

You may have medical conditions that could be exacerbated by the sudden change in your substance use habits. A detox involves using prescribed drugs to control how your body reacts as you get clean. This reduces your health risks. In the unlikely event that something does happen, trained staff will be present to provide the care you need.

Control Your Withdrawal Symptoms

Suboxone and other prescribed drugs are used to help addicts get clean because this class of drugs simulates the effects that other narcotics have on the brain. This helps reduce the severity and frequency of withdrawal symptoms. Since withdrawal side effects can pose health risks, getting help to control these symptoms will make it easier to detox.

Reduce Your Cravings

Another important reason to get help from Suboxone doctors in Tinley Park, IL, is that the prescription medication will help you resist your cravings. The controlled doses of medication will help you by feeding some of your cravings. As you’re tapered off of the medication, your cravings will dull over time, and you’ll find that your desire to use won’t be as intense.

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