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How Suboxone Helps Patients Beat Addiction

For patients trying to break an addiction to opiate drugs, withdrawal can be a scary experience. In fact, the fear of withdrawal – and the discomfort that it brings – are a major reason why so many addicts avoid seeking treatment for their drug use. However, modern medicine has created solutions to help ease the pain and stress of withdrawal, and make breaking the cycle of drug use and abuse more possible for everyone.

The role of Suboxone

Suboxone detox is a popular option for dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal. Suboxone boasts several benefits for use during detox. Some of these include:

  • Helps patients avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.
  • Does not cause long-term damage to organs.
  • Blocks the reception of more harmful substances in the brain, helping the body to detoxify from previously abused drugs.
  • Offers relief with a decreased potential for abuse, because it does not give users the same relaxing euphoria that full opiate drugs provide.

Because of these benefits, Suboxone has replaced methadone and other drugs as the preferred method of medically-assisted detox in many centers.

Not the Whole Picture

Detox is an important part of moving toward a drug-free life. However, Suboxone – and detox treatment in general – are not meant to be a permanent solution to the problem of addiction. They are meant to help with acute symptoms and side effects of withdrawal to allow a patient to get through the difficult first phase of breaking a drug abuse habit. Those who only detox and do not follow through with other treatment options like counseling and rehabilitation are faced with a failure rate of over 75%. Following up detox with further treatment is the best option for making the drug-free life a permanent change.

Florida area families looking for more information about Suboxone detox can consult Addiction Alternatives for guidance and support.

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