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How Urgent Care PM Streamlines Emergency Room Operations

Emergency rooms can be a hectic place. In many instances, emergency rooms can find themselves backed up with longer wait times, less efficient billing and personal burn out. The good news is that there is a simple way to use a closd based app to streamline an entire emergency room’s check-in, information gathering and billing operations. This program, called Urgent Care PM from Pulse Check, has been helping hundreds of emergency rooms increase patient satisfaction, patient revenue and personal efficiency.

Urgent Care PM is a cloud-based program that manages patient flow that allows all medical personal to easy access to patient information and make quick decisions. Best of all, this information is as easy to use any smartphone app. Our Urgent Care prouduct is designed to track patient information in real-time. This allows patients to move quicker from the waiting room to the medical bed to check out. This allows you to increase patient revenue and ensure high patient satisfaction.

As a cloud-based solution, there is no hardware to buy and no complicated software to manage. Urgent Care PM is as easy to use as any smartphone app. Also, our team will be able to help you migrate existing patient data to our Urgent Care Solution app. That includes all of your patient’s demographics and insurance information. Implementation of the entire Urgent Care Solution is only a few weeks. That means you can streamline your entire emergency room department quickly. Finally, our fees are straightforward and upfront. There are no hidden fees. Overall, our Urgent Care Solution app is the easy and most cost-effective way to streamline your emergency room operations.

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