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If your parent is growing older, chances are very good that you have lain awake for more than one night thinking about what the future holds for them. Sorting through all the options and deciding on what will be the best one possible can be overwhelming. The answer might be as simple as this:  let them stay home in familiar surroundings where they are able to age gracefully with dignity. Home care service can often be the best of the options available mostly because by keeping your parent surrounded by family and friends while at the same time meeting the medical and aging needs can do absolutely wonderful things for them and your family.

Home Care is Flexible and Personalized

Nobody lives the exact same way as another person. Home care realizes that services need to be tailored to maintain your health and well-being at the same time that your individual preferences and needs are being met. Due to the fact that home care is one-on-one it is highly cost effective. There is no need for travel to see different therapists as they are already being provided in the home. You may even see home care being given by an entire team consisting of aides, social workers, nurses, and therapists. This type of continuity can be most beneficial for seniors who suffer from a chronic condition.

Home Care is the Oldest Form of Care

Before there were nursing homes and other facilities, seniors were cared for at home by their family and friends. Everybody pulled together to keep them safe and comfortable. This was not only done out of love, but out of respect. VNA’s home care staff can help you allow your senior to age gracefully and with independence in their own home filled with the memories of a lifetime.

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