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Looking for a Veterinarian based in Chicago?

Are you a new pet owner in the Chicago area? Or maybe you’re a veteran pet owner, but are new to Chicago. You wouldn’t go to any old doctor for yourself, so of course, you wouldn’t go to just any vet practice for your pet. Here are some things to look for when choosing a Chicago veterinarian.

Primary Care

When it comes to the primary care of your pet, you need to be sure that a lot of ground is covered. Make sure that the office that you choose offers vaccinations and microchipping, nutritional counseling, feline vaccines, flea and tick medicine, and a pet pharmacy. This is in addition to your pet’s usual annual checkup, of course.

Vaccinations and Microchipping

Having your pet vaccinated can actually help your pet avoid certain diseases. However, you must be aware of what conditions can get a hold of your certain pet in order for the vaccines to be used correctly. Make sure that your chosen vet practice knows their stuff and can explain to you why and when these vaccines should be given. Not to mention, what you will need to know as your pet ages.

Does your pet tend to wander? Does it bring your stress levels up? If you get your pet microchipped, this issue can be remedied. If your pet manages to get lost, you can feel confident your pet can be quickly and easily identified by anyone that happens to come across it. Once they access the data on the chip, your pet can be safely returned to you.

Pet Health Certificates

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, what exactly are they? First of all, all that is just a longer, fancier name for pet health certificates. But what are pet health certificates? Pet health certificates are a sort of documentation of a “clean bill of health” for your pet.

These certificates are a way for pet owners to have an easier time when traveling with their pets. Certain locations have different expectations for pet health and after the vet checks for these certain things, the certificate is your proof.

If you are looking for more information on a Chicago veterinarian, contact the Metropolitan Veterinary Center. For more detail visit their official website.

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