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Sometimes it is not safe or convenient for someone to drive to a retail pharmacy and pick up their medications. Many pharmacies are making it easier for patients to obtain their medications with a medication delivery service.

The demand for medicine delivery has grown in recent years.Because of this, pharmacies that offer a medicine delivery service have expanded and grown their customer base.

Home Delivery

The demand for medication delivery has increased in recent years. Home delivery of medication makes it much more convenient for patients to receive their monthly supply of maintenance medications. Many local and online pharmacies now offer this much-needed service because their customers prefer the convenience of home delivery.

Many health plans offer their members the option of paying a lower co-payment for home delivery of a 90-day supply of medication. This not only saves the consumer money but also time.


Medicine delivery service has made it where prescriptions are readily available when they are needed. Most deliveries occur prior to when the medication is needed making the system more efficient for the patients.


Customers prefer the convenience of home delivery for their maintenance medications. This means the customer does not have to travel to a pharmacy and wait in line for their medications. It is much easier to go to the mailbox to get the medication than it is to travel to a pharmacy.

In addition, most pharmacies can deliver medications to an APO/FPO address.

Medicine delivery is a convenient way to receive maintenance medications. Maintenance medications are prescriptions that are used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, or anything that requires on-going monthly medications. Medications that are a controlled substance are not eligible for home delivery.

The demand for medicine delivery has grown recently. Customers prefer pharmacies that offer a medicine delivery service because they are convenient and cost-effective.

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