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Seeing A Vet In Johns Creek To Spay A Cat

When someone acquires a female kitten, one of the tasks they may wish to complete is having it spayed so it does not get pregnant when it gets older. This is also a helpful process as it will minimize the risk of reproductive cancer. Going to a Vet in Johns Creek will be necessary to have the surgical procedure done properly.

The veterinarian will request that the cat does not have food or water for several hours before the surgery. This is because there is a risk of aspiration after having general anesthesia. The veterinarian will remove the reproductive organs making it impossible for pregnancy to occur afterward. The cat will not feel pain because of the anesthesia.

When the cat awakes, it will need to stay at the facility for awhile to be observed. Afterward, the pet’s owner will need to care for it in the comfort of their home. It is best to keep the cat in a room away from activity as it heals. It will feel some slight pain where the incision was made. The veterinarian will most likely use stitches that dissolve in time to close the incision. If the cat bites or licks at their stitches constantly, they may need to to be covered with a piece of gauze to help keep them from agitating the area.

The cat may not want to eat right away after their surgery is completed. Keep a bowl of water and food in the room for when they do regain their hunger and thirst. If the cat continues to ignore the food and water, call the veterinarian to have them evaluated. It usually takes a few days for a cat to bounce back to its normal self after an operation.

If someone wishes to have their own cat spayed, they will need to make an appointment with a reputable Vet in Johns Creek to do the job. Take a look at to learn more about a professional practice in the area. Browse their site to see the services they offer and use the contact information to schedule the procedure to be done when desired.

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