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Keeping a healthy family is hard enough when everything is running smoothly. Hardships can hit a family and start dissolving relationships. The mental state and communication of each member of the family contributes to the health of the family as a whole. Family therapy in Minneapolis or another city can address the issues and communication in a family during hardships.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is temporary, solution-focused therapy to help a family though a hard time. It helps family relationships by promoting understanding and communication of all members. Some appointments are the whole family, while some focus on goals oriented between a few individuals. Individual therapy can also help during family therapy, as it gives each individual member an outlet for their particular struggle.


Since family therapy is temporary, it typically focuses on one major issue to address the issues stemming off from it. This issue can be an event, such as a divorce or loss. It can be an illness, such as addiction or depression of one member that affects everyone. It can also be something more skill-based, such as poor communication or discipline skills.


A licensed counselor or therapist usually runs family therapy sessions. They act as an objective mediator to guide conversation about the issue and make sure everyone gets a voice. They also offer tools for the family to try at home to address problems as they appear at home. The counselor and the family create goals for each session, and various members attend each session to best reach those goals.

After therapy, the family has a healthy toolkit to refer to when future issues come up. With a healthy amount of understanding and communication now existing between each member, they know how to process their current hardship and any that may arise in the future. They can function as a healthy, cohesive unit equipped to take on bumps in the road.

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