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When asked about teeth whitening service in Hauppauge, NY, most people state that they are very interested in brightening their smiles. If you are interested in an affordable and quick way to improve your smile, then you may be the right candidate for teeth whitening services. In-office treatments can produce a smile that is five to ten shades lighter in only one session.

How to Quickly Improve the Brightness of Your Smile

When teeth whitening service is needed, it is often due to discoloration. Foods and drinks, as well as tobacco use, can discolor or dull a smile. If your teeth are stained, teeth whitening can rapidly take care of the problem.

For these reasons, teeth whitening service is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. According to Michael Kampourakis, DDS, whitening can be facilitated in the office or at home. If a patient has badly stained or discolored teeth, he may need to choose both treatment options. Either of these treatments have proven to be better than over-the-counter whitening products.

How Teeth Whitening Works in the Dentist’s Office

A teeth whitening session begins with a dental cleaning. The gums are then safeguarded as a whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The product, in turn, is activated and left on the teeth for a certain length of time. The amount of time varies by patient, depending on their degree of staining or discoloration. Afterwards, the product is rinsed off the teeth. After the rinsing, the teeth are several shades lighter.

After an in-office whitening, tooth sensitivity is usually normal. Patients are asked not to consume drinks such as tea, coffee, or wine for about 24 hours after the treatment. Although the teeth are white, the results are also temporary. To keep them gleaming, you need to practice good oral care, have regular dental cleanings, and avoid foods and beverages that tend to stain the teeth. Visit website for teeth whitening services in Hauppauge, NY

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