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As the manager of a busy healthcare clinic, you may not have the time or budget to handle sending out invoices for bills. Your workweek is too busy managing other tasks that are essential to patient care.

However, you also cannot afford to keep your clinic open if you do not collect what patients and insurers owe to you. You can avoid having to handle this task yourself or hiring staff for it by using an outsourced medical billing service.

Collecting on Bills

When you use this service, you can collect on bills that are owed to your clinic. The patients and their insurers are responsible for paying what they owe to their doctors, nurses, and other providers. The money that they pay to you is used to keep the doors of the clinic open and continue services upon which your patients rely.

The company that you outsource this task to can send out invoices to the various insurers and patients. It can make sure that invoices get paid and that unpaid bills get factored out to collection agencies.

The service also spares you the expense of having to hire billing staff. You do not have to pay wages and benefits to employees that your clinic may not be able to afford.

You can find out more about using an outsourced medical billing service online. Contact Harris Coordinated Care Solutions by going to for more information today.

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