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If you have been enduring gender dysphoria, you may have been considering surgery to help make you look more feminine. This type of facial feminization surgery has made many patients very happy with its many understated benefits.

Reduced Dysphoric Feelings

After you undergo this surgery, you are almost certainly going to notice a reduced feeling of gender dysphoria. You will finally look like the gender that you identify with. Since dysphoria is obviously made up of negative feelings, a reduction in this negativity will certainly make your life easier.

Increased Self-Confidence

Facial feminization surgery may result in feelings of increased self-worth, which in turn can increase the quality of the life that you lead. Nobody deserves to go through life feeling like they are not worthy or that they do not belong. This type of surgery seeks to correct that situation.

Socially Accepted

One of the things that can be very difficult is not feeling socially accepted when you identify with a different gender from which you were born. You may find that after going through with the surgery that you are more socially accepted than you were before, especially from strangers who are unaware of your dysphoria. When you look more like the gender you are identifying with, it tends to make things easier for all people involved.If you are interested in learning more about feminization surgery, please contact the International Center for Transgender Care, they can answer any and all questions that you may have regarding the surgery.

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