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The Best Time of Day for Exercise Classes in Morristown NJ

A person who wants to get more fit, lose weight or maintain a current healthy weight might be interested in taking exercise classes in Morristown NJ. Being in a group of people with like-minded goals can be motivating and provide plenty of peer support. Along with signing up for a class or two, an individual might even join the athletic club offering the programs. That way, they have access to all the exercise equipment every day of the week.

What time of day is the best to exercise? In some respects, that’s up to the individual. It’s commonly said that exercise is the most beneficial first thing in the morning, but many people simply cannot tolerate the idea of heading out to the gym soon after waking up. They’d rather wait until lunchtime or after work. As long as they can do this consistently, the time of day should not mater.

Research indicates that people who exercise early in the morning tend to be more consistent about their workouts. They set aside an hour before having to start work and maintain that daily routine. Individuals who prefer to work out at lunchtime or after work may become distracted by other obligations. They may really want to meet with a friend for lunch, for example. Sometimes there may be a business lunch meeting. After work, there may be family obligations that can’t always be scheduled for later in the evening. In addition, it’s easy to become tired out after a day’s work and not feel much like exercising.

Joining Exercise Classes in Morristown NJ that are scheduled for these times of day can provide the extra mental push needed to work out. On days when the class isn’t scheduled, the person may still feel like exercising because it’s part of a normal scheduled routine. Exercising three or more times per week is considered regular fitness activity, so a person should feel a sense of accomplishment when participating this often. Of course, adding an extra day or two to this routine is even better. Contact Whippany Athletic Club for information about classes held there in the evening and over the noon hour.

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