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Three Essential Veterinary Services In Roswell For Dogs

Veterinarians perform many types of services that can help a pet live a long and healthy life. Three of these services that are often recommended include wellness checkups, regularly scheduled vaccinations, and oral care. Below you’ll learn more information about the importance of these three Veterinary Services in Roswell.

Wellness Examinations

The first wellness exam for a canine should occur when a puppy is about 6 weeks of age. As a dog grows into an adult, annual checkups should suffice unless the animal has a certain medical condition that requires extra visits. When a puppy or a dog has a checkup, the veterinarian will carefully and thoroughly examine the animal. If necessary, the veterinarian may request a stool sample or a blood test to check for specific medical conditions.

Vaccinations and Booster Shots

When a puppy goes to the veterinarian for the first time for a checkup, the veterinarian will administer the first vaccinations to the animal. Puppies will need to have a vaccination for distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis. As the puppy gets older, the animal will need to have booster shots administered on a regular basis. The veterinarian may also recommend a rabies shot if the animal stays outdoors a lot of the time or if the vet feels that this vaccination is necessary.

Dental Care

Another important veterinary service that’s frequently overlooked by dog owners is dentistry services. Dogs can have many of the same types of tooth and gum problems as their owners, but the owners are often unaware of the animal’s dental issues. Plaque forms on a dog’s teeth right next to the gumline, and if this hard substance isn’t removed, it can cause further problems with the teeth. Dogs can also get gum disease, and this causes a dog’s gums to become painful and bleed, especially when eating. Dogs that have a tooth that’s loose should have it extracted before it becomes infected. These tooth and gum issues can all be treated by a veterinarian who provides Veterinary Services in Roswell for dogs.

The Animal Hospital of Nesbit Ferry Crossing provides various veterinary services for dogs including checkups, vaccinations, and dentistry services. Go to to schedule a visit for any of these services to improve the health of a pet.

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