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There are many benefits that come from getting a facelift. The decision to have one done is personal. Here are a few things that a surgeon would consider before recommending that you get a facelift in Lincoln Park.

Plastic surgery is serious. You must be in overall good health before undergoing a facelift or any other type of surgery. You must advise a surgeon of any medical conditions you have well before the surgery. You will need to consider the healing and recovery time must go through. The healthier you are before surgery, the faster you will be living a normal life again.

Your surgeon will also look at the condition of your skin before recommending a facelift in Lincoln Park. They want to make sure that your skin has some elasticity and flexibility. Individuals who have extensive sun damage or who are smokers are usually not good candidates because they are not likely to get good results after the surgery. You must be honest when discussing your lifestyle with a surgeon.

Your underlying facial bone structure will play a role in the type of results you could get with a facelift. If you have an aesthetically balanced bone structure, you are likely to get good results. If you have a weak chin or you aren’t satisfied with the shape of your nose, the surgeon can discuss having nose surgery or chin surgery is done in addition to the facelift.

Adam J. Cohen, MD can help you look your best no matter if you are looking for anti aging treatments or if you are dealing with a medical condition that affects your face and well-being.

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