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What Kinds of Head and Neck Surgery in Bethlehem do ENT Surgeons Perform?

Otolaryngologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions affecting patients ears, noses, and throats. For the most part, this involves medical treatment, but in some cases, surgery may be required. When a patient requires Head And Neck Surgery in Bethlehem, it’s important that they find a surgeon who specializes in these kinds of procedures.

One of the most common surgeries performed by ear, nose, and throat specialists is biopsies. When an unidentified mass is found in the area, there is often concern that it may be cancerous. The most straight-forward way to determine whether a tumor or other lump is cancerous or benign is to perform a biopsy, in which the surgeon removes a small piece of tissue to find out what it is. Should the procedure reveal the presence of cancer, a more extensive and complicated surgery will be required to remove the affected tissue.

Diagnosing and treating related cancers are not the only reason for Head And Neck Surgery in Bethlehem, though. Patients who experience chronic pain or illness may also require surgery, should all non-surgical options be ruled out. These procedures most commonly address chronic neck pain, sinus and nasal issues, and the removal of infected adenoids and tonsils. Most of these surgeries are fairly simple, and some can even be performed as outpatient procedures.

Some disorders affecting patients’ speech require diagnostic surgeries like laryngoscopy, which allow their doctors to get a better look at the voice box or other problem areas in the neck. This procedure may bring to light the presence of polyps, or other localized disorders and diseases, which may require further action.

It’s important that patients discuss all medical and surgical options with a specializing doctor to ensure that they are getting the right form of treatment to meet their unique needs. Surgeons must work closely with medical doctors to share related diagnostic information, and determine a treatment plan. Visit for more information about the medical and surgical treatment of head and neck related issues, and the doctors, surgeons, and other medical staff that helps to diagnose and treat them. There is no reason for anyone to let unexplained pain control their lives. Find help today.

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