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When Does Your Child Need to See the Emergency Pediatric Doctor in San Antonio Texas?

As a parent, there is no greater fear than to see a child suffering. When a child becomes seriously ill or injured, medical intervention is often needed right away so the child’s health is no longer in danger. It is important parents are aware of the types of illnesses and injuries that would require them to seek treatment for their child with the Emergency Pediatric Doctor in San Antonio Texas.

* While fevers are common in children, extremely high or persistent fevers could be a warning sign of major illness. A fever that goes on for two or three days or reaches 104 or higher needs to be addressed immediately. High fevers are especially dangerous in babies because their immune system is not yet fully functioning.

* Persistent vomiting or diarrhea may require a visit to the Emergency Pediatric Doctor in San Antonio Texas. Children can quickly become dehydrated, leading to serious health complications. When a child is having trouble keeping liquids down, IVs can be used to replace their missing fluids so their health is protected.

* When a child is having a severe allergic reaction, they need to be seen by the doctor immediately. It is especially important a child is seen if they are suffering from breathing difficulty as a result of their allergic reaction. Prompt medical care can protect a child’s health and bring the allergy attack under control.

* Severe asthma attacks warrant a visit to the emergency pediatrician. These pediatricians make themselves available for just such emergencies so children’s lives can be protected. Asthma attacks can become serious very quickly and should never be ignored.

* Any serious injuries, such as a head injury or break should be checked. If a child is injured and complaining of pain, it is always best to rule on the side of caution and make sure the child is seen as soon as possible so their injury can be properly treated.

If your child is seriously ill or injured, contact us right away. An emergency pediatric physician can provide prompt treatment when a child needs it most. With prompt medical treatment, a child’s health can be protected so they do not suffer further complications.

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