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When it Comes to Drug Detox Living, it’s All About Location

Detoxifying from drug and alcohol abuse is already a difficult process. Many patients check into clinical locations to do so, only to find themselves too uncomfortable to succeed in their efforts to recover. Only by finding suitable, comfortable accommodations for drug detox – that also provide certified medical assistance, when necessary – can patients expect the results they’re looking for.

Less is More

Personal comfort and pleasant settings are important to those entering detox programs. This may be why places like Florida are such a popular choice. With beautiful scenery and warm, comfortable climates, the sunshine state offers much to those looking to regain control of their lives.

Florida residents or those who choose the state for rehabilitation may opt for larger and more popular cities such as Fort Lauderdale. However, many industry professionals recommend smaller, quieter locations like the rehab and detox facilities available to recovering addicts in towns like Pompano Beach. In these comfortable bedroom communities, patients come enjoy beautiful surroundings without the hustle and bustle of bigger city life, and focus more fully on their recovery.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality of Care for Comfort

One drawback some patients face in finding facilities that provide comfortable, relaxing surroundings is that these locations may not offer access to qualified, professional assistance and medical advice. These are both necessary for the recovery process. Structure and support throughout the entire process has been shown to improve outcomes, and finding a comfortable place to detoxify the body’s systems should not take precedence over finding the highest quality care. After all, addiction recovery is a whole-body process best undertaken with guidance on all levels.

The perfect balance in a drug detox center should be one that provides certified staff giving high-quality care in a comfortable environment. Setting aside, patients should feel welcomed, supported and free of judgement by peers and providers. They should also be given the structure they need to begin rebuilding the lives that may have been destroyed by their addiction. Only by combining all of these factors can patients expect to realize success in their recovery efforts, regardless of where they stay to do so.

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