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A tummy tuck is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery received today. The procedure, officially called abdominoplasty, removes extra fat and skin from the stomach, flattening the skin that remains and tightening the abdominal muscles. It’s a common surgery for men and women alike, with the average patient age being approximately 35. The procedure isn’t for everyone, and there are several dietary restrictions that must be followed both before and after the surgery. However, most people who receive one credit it with being a positive decision, which did ultimately improve their life, or at least their outlook on life. Here are just a few reasons why people get a tummy tuck in Naperville, IL.

Restore Confidence

For most people, diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to remove the excess skin around their midsections, especially if they have lost a large amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. While a dramatic weight loss may look great to an outsider, there are many occasions where it does leave loose skin and “flab” around a person’s stomach. This leaves many people feeling less confident in their new body than they would like, perhaps still nervous about baring their midsection or showing off their weight loss. A tummy tuck removes that extra tissue, leaving smooth, flat skin behind.

Feel Healthier

Another reason many people in Naperville look into tummy tucks is to feel healthier. People with kids especially find that they live an active lifestyle, and make healthy dietary choices, but still have that extra skin around their waist that makes them feel just a bit less healthy than they would like. No amount of diet and exercise can remove that extra skin, which is why many people turn to cosmetic surgery. With a flatter, more toned stomach, a person can feel healthier, which will in turn inspire a continued healthy lifestyle.

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