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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is considered the most common sexually-transmitted disease in the world. This infection will affect almost every sexually active male or female at some time in their lives and is spread by either oral sex, vaginal intercourse, or anal intercourse. In most cases, HPV will clear itself within two years through the immune system. However, there are situations when HPV will not clear and may lead to cervical cancer in women. While mainstream medical practitioners are likely to offer invasive surgical procedures as options, holistic HPV doctors offer natural solutions to consider in treating HPV.

Worst Case Scenario

In the cases when HPV does not resolve itself, it could develop into a condition known as cervical dysplasia, which is when there is a proliferation of abnormal cells of the surface lining of the cervix. There are usually no symptoms and is typically detected during routine Pap smears. If left untreated, cervical dysplasia can lead to higher risks of developing cervical cancer. Mild cervical dysplasia may be monitored through Pap tests every three to six months, but moderate to severe cervical dysplasia usually requires treatment, especially if it has persisted for more than two years. A cone biopsy, where a cone-shaped piece of tissue is removed, and loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP), which involves cutting out abnormal tissue with a thin, low-voltage electrified wire loop, are two common procedures. Other treatments may include electrocauterization, cryosurgery (freezing), or laser surgery.

The Natural Alternative

Holistic HPV doctors offer escharotic treatment, which is a non-invasive, natural alternative to the standard procedures for treating HPV and cervical dysplasia. Escharotic treatment can be offered as an early intervention solution to immediately eliminate HPV, regardless of the severity of the cervical dysplasia. Waiting could be dangerous because the cells could increase over time. By using escharotic treatment, abnormal cells are killed in the cervix by plant-based corrosive salves that leave healthy cervical cells intact. Eschars, or scabs, form in the cervix, creating a localized inflammation that triggers an immune response. White blood cells travel to the area to remove the dead cells and prompts the immune system’s T helper cells into fighting HPV-infected cells.

Escharotic treatment is less expensive than conventional procedures, encourages regrowth of healthy tissue, and is not likely to exacerbate infections or cause complications such as reduced fertility. The cervix is not scarred by the process and requires no downtime for recovery. Using this natural method treats and cures HPV infection and cervical dysplasia without invasive surgery. Visit the website for more information.

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