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If you’ve ever wondered how those aerobics instructors make those classes seem so effortless and easy, you’re not alone. Teaching a class for the first time yourself? You’ll want to scout through aerobic wireless microphones and get yourself an excellent pair, says Shape. It’s a must if you want to do those classes in the most efficient way. Before you go ahead and buy a new headset, though, avoid the following mistakes at all costs:

Forgetting about fit

A lot of people think putting in an order for a headset mic for the first time is all you need to do to get the ideal headset mic. However, there’s no one size fits all program that works. You’ll need to consider fit, first of all. If the headset is too tight or loose on you, that’s going to create problems in the future and won’t be the ideal unit to bring to your classes.

Not going for a lightweight option

There are plenty of headset mics out there. But not all of them are portable and lightweight. If you’re checking out aerobic wireless microphones, then it might be a good idea to simply go for lightweight ones. Not only do these units offer better portability, they are also easier to use during your aerobics classes.

Not checking sound quality

Always check the audio quality of a unit before you buy it. There are headset mics with stellar audio quality so a bit of research will go a long way in ensuring you end up with a unit that’s perfect for your classes.

Going for cheap ones

Thinking to save on costs by going for cheap options? That’s only going to cost you more in the long run, though. Cheap and shoddily-made choices aren’t going to be durable nor sturdy. They won’t last you for more than a few weeks or months so kick those to the curb and get quality headsets instead.

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