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Many people who need mental health treatment near Eagan don’t seek help because they don’t recognize the signs. Alternatively, it’s common to assume that therapy won’t help, and that’s another reason people put off seeking therapy. In truth, there are many mental health conditions that can be helped or entirely alleviated through counseling and treatment. Here are a few situations in which mental health treatment can help.

You’ve Suffered a Traumatic Experience

Military veterans who suffer from PTSD aren’t the only ones who deal with trauma and its after-effects. If you have been in a car accident, suffered domestic abuse, or experienced any other type of traumatizing experience, a therapist can help with your recovery. They can teach you how to cope with flashbacks, hallucinations, and the intense emotions that those painful memories can cause.

You Often Feel Bad

If you frequently experience feelings of hopelessness, extreme sadness, or an overwhelming sensation of dread, you may be suffering from depression or anxiety. Seeing a therapist can help you explore where those feelings are coming from. Additionally, you’ll participate in a variety of therapies that can help you cope with those feelings. Your therapist may also prescribe medication to help alleviate self-destructive feelings.

You Have Trouble Maintaining Relationships

You don’t have to suffer from a serious emotional health problem to benefit from mental health treatment near Eagan. Counseling can help you improve your communication skills and other interpersonal skills. Your therapist can help you relate better with co-workers, friends, and romantic partners.

If you’re ready to speak to a mental health counselor, contact River Ridge.

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