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Pharmaceutical and medical supplier in Malaysia

Since 2004, NMC has made a commitment to improve healthcare both in Malaysia and around the world. Here is an overview of what we have to offer as a leading pharmaceutical and medical supplier in Malaysia.

The company

The NMC group is involved in a number of elements of the pharmaceutical industry. This includes the import and export of medical products and devices, as well as providing the means to distribute, trading, sales and marketing of these products and devices.

We also work in conjunction with various companies that provide biotech, disposables, diagnostic and surgical equipment, acting as their local representative.

Our commitment

The ethos behind NMC is not just about making a product (though this is obviously something we take great pride in.) We believe in the great potential of medical care in our local area and that we are poised to address the technology gap in Malaysia.

Whether it’s food supplements, cosmetics or medical devices, it is about offering the best possible quality while at the same time being affordable and accessible for our clients.

In terms of social responsibility, we have worked on a number of projects, including providing free training for volunteers so that they can give checkups to people in underprivileged areas.

Find out more

NMC works with a number of global partners, doing our utmost to produce high quality products that are safe and accessible. To find out more about our products and services or becoming one of our partners please contact NMC today.

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