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Three Additional Services Offered by the Animal Hospital in Lenexa, KS

Choosing who to care for your pet is an important responsibility. While it is important to choose a vet clinic close to your home, in case of emergencies, it is also important to choose a clinic offering diverse services. Here are three services vet clinics offer that you may need when selecting care for your pet.

Boarding Services

If you go on vacation, or need to take a business trip, it is important to have someone you trust care for your dog or cat. In addition, it should be someone your pet knows and is comfortable being around. If your pet is comfortable going to the animal hospital in Lenexa, KS, then you might wish to leave him or her in their care.

Pet Grooming

A pet groomer needs to be someone familiar with your dog’s breed, is trained in cutting their fur and who can clip their nails when needed. The groomer at an animal hospital is not only going to be trained in bathing and styling your dog’s fur, but they will be able to spot and treat health issues involving their skin. They can make sure your dog’s skin is healthy, and check for cysts and infections, while grooming your pride and joy.

Dental Services

Your pet’s dental hygiene is as important as your own, if not more so. Plaque build-up on your cat’s teeth can cause issues with bad breath, gingivitis, and could possibly lead to infections in the bloodstream if not properly treated. An animal hospital can clean your pet’s teeth, do extractions if necessary, and show you how to brush their teeth between visits to Cherokee Animal Clinic, so your pet stays healthy.

Most animal clinics provide multiple services, so it is important to select a place where you feel comfortable having the vets, and technicians, care for your furry friend.

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