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Child Pediatric Doctors in San Antonio Texas Encourage Parents to Quit Smoking After a Child Is Diagnosed With Asthma

When Child Pediatric Doctors in San Antonio Texas diagnose a youngster with asthma, this is distressing to the parents. They obviously worry about the child and now want to do everything possible to prevent any serious breathing issues. A pediatrician can prescribe medication and inhalers, and also offer important suggestions on preventive strategies. With ongoing medical attention and proper attention to health, most kids with asthma can live entirely normal lives. They can be just as physically active as their friends and other children in their school, and even participate in school athletics.

Parents may need to change their own lifestyles in significant ways to keep the child healthy. One of the critical aspects would be to give up smoking if either parent does this. If this seems like an insurmountable goal for the time being, the parents should at a minimum avoid smoking in the house or in the car, or anywhere around the child. Second-hand smoke can cause the youngster’s airways to swell and become inflamed. Mucus accumulates in response to the smoke.

Even third-hand smoke is problematic for kids with asthma. This is the residue and the toxins left behind after somebody smokes. The substances build up on walls, ceiling and fabric in buildings, and infiltrates interiors of vehicles. To eliminate those contaminants after someone does quit smoking in a building and in vehicles, a thorough cleaning must be done.

Child Pediatric Doctors in San Antonio Texas know that kids with asthma living with parents who smoke tend to have more flareups and more visits to the emergency room. They typically use more medication to prevent and resolve wheezing and more serious breathing problems. They are likely to have more need of their emergency inhaler. They generally miss more school than other children with this health condition who don’t live with smokers.

A diagnosis of asthma can be disturbing for both the child and parents. Health care practitioners at a facility such as Clinica del Norte Pediatrics help the family manage the problem and do everything possible to avoid worsening of the disorder. Contact us for more information on our services.

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