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Here Are the Top Makeup, Beauty and Style Tips for Trans Women

For transgender women, mastering the art of applying makeup can come with a bit of a learning curve. Unlike cisgender women, you likely weren’t taught how to properly use cosmetics by your mother when you were a little girl. Applying makeup well is a skill you’ll have to figure out much later in life.

However, just because you’re arriving to the party late doesn’t mean that you can’t have a seat at the table. Trans women can become just as great at applying makeup as their cis sisters. Here are the top makeup tips for trans women.

Great Makeup Starts With Great Skin

The canvas on which you apply your makeup is just as important as the products and techniques you use. It’s important to remember that great makeup starts with great skin. You wouldn’t paint walls that are dirty or filled with cracks and holes. Rather, you’d wait to clean the walls, smooth the cracks and fill the holes before you begin painting. Apply this logic to your face by cleansing and moisturizing your skin regularly and using a pore-filling primer before you apply foundation.

Less is More

Many transgender women make the mistake of thinking that they have to overcompensate when it comes to makeup, especially if they haven’t yet undergone facial feminization surgery. However, the rule of “less is more” applies to all women, not just cisgender women. Use a light hand when applying makeup and always remember that it’s better for a few flaws to be visible than it is to walk around with makeup that looks too heavy or cartoonish. Follow the rule of never pairing a bold eye with a bold lip, instead opting for one or the other to keep the look subtle and elegant.

For more information about how transgender women can smoothly transition, including undergoing facial feminization surgery, visit The Trans Center at

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