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Important Questions to Ask a Potential Memory Care Facility

No matter who you are, memories are an important part of you. They offer a link to the life we have led in the past and guide for how we live every day. When someone has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it impairs their ability to remember, which means that preserving their history and finding ways to keep their remaining memories is important.

Choosing a specialized facility offering memory care in New Jersey can help someone with memory loss in living their best life. Therefore, it is important to know what to ask and what to look for when evaluating facilities.

Training Programs

Those who have the problem with memory loss have specific care that is needed to be successful in everyday life. You should ask any facility you are considering what type of training is provided. Make sure to inquire about both initial and ongoing training options.

Staff & Resident Engagement

It’s important for people of any age or state of dementia to have the friendship. Because of that, you should expect for an excellent facility for memory care in New Jersey to work to provide staff who will create positive relationships with residents. Ask if there are any special programs to fill this gap.

Family Support

The family of a loved one with Alzheimer’s needs support and education as they go through this process. Knowing what to expect is crucial for these people. To find out if this is something that the facility provides, talk with some of the resident’s families to get an idea of what level of support you can expect and how happy they are with their loved one’s care.

Evaluation the Environment

What you want to see at a memory care program is a supportive environment. The residents need to have a setting that relieves stress and demands while also providing the opportunity to socialize with others and engage in activities. You also want to be sure the facility is secure to prevent residents wandering off. An outdoor garden or courtyard can help keep residents in an excellent state of mind.

Programming Calendar

Having access to daily activities, structured for the needs of those with dementia, should be a priority for memory care establishments. You can ask to see the calendar to determine if that’s available. Look for things like one-on-one activity, music, art, and other things that are life enriching.

At Chelsea Senior Living, we take the needs of our residents seriously and do everything possible to provide them with a space they can enjoy. If you are looking for a memory care option for your loved one, we’d love to help you make your plans.

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