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Putting Hair Back After Years of Removing Too Much of It in Dallas

Living in Dallas, it is sometimes advantageous not to have too much hair on your face or head. Yet again, for the sake of looking and feeling good, you want hair where you should have hair. Sometimes people over-wax or over-pluck until hair just doesn’t grow anymore. If you are someone who spent your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s over-waxing and over-plucking and now you don’t like what you see, there are ways to put your eyebrows, your beard, your mustache, and any other hair back. Hair transplant surgery by Dallas cosmetic surgeons and follicle experts can put back the lost hair. Here is how the surgeons perform hair transplant surgery in Dallas.

Extracting Hair by the Single Follicle and Transplanting It

This method takes a very long time to perform and achieve results, but it is more permanent and less risky than other options. Your surgeon looks to the back of your neck and other areas of your body that have a lot more hair and then chooses where to extract the hair. Then the follicles extracted are “punched” into the bare spaces on your face or scalp. It may take more than several hours and more than one procedure visit to get enough hair follicles transferred.

Helping Women With Hair Loss

Women lose hair from their scalps too. It is often genetic. If you have a mom or grandma that is balding or bald, there’s a pretty good chance that this is where you got it from. To resolve any sort of hair loss or missing hair problem, contact Yaker Hair Restoration and Med Spa.

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