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Seeing a Podiatrist for Skin Condition Treatments in Joliet, IL

If the feet are in pain or need some extra attention, most people know right where to go. A trip to the podiatrist is often the result of things like an ingrown toenail or even an issue with a tendon in the foot or ankle. But, there are times when a podiatrist is needed for special Skin Condition Treatments in Joliet IL. Here are a couple of examples of skin conditions that can affect the feet and could require help from a professional.

Athlete’s Foot

Most people get a case of athlete’s foot, use an over the counter medication, and the problem is resolved. But, what happens when those products aren’t enough to get control of the issue? Some patients find themselves constantly struggling with this problem. In these cases, it’s time to head to the podiatrist for Skin Condition Treatments in Joliet IL that will offer some relief. A fungal treatment is the first step. However, if athlete’s foot results in an infection, antibiotics may be necessary.

Heel Fissures

A crack in the heel can be incredibly painful and take a lot of time to heal. If this occurs regularly, it could make it difficult to walk and maintain an active lifestyle. There are prescription medications, along with changes in footwear, that can make a real difference and prevent these kinds of problems from occurring over and over again. A podiatrist can take a closer look at the fissure, talk to the patient, and decide on the best course of action to help with the fissure and prevent future problems. Click here for more details.


Psoriasis occurs on different parts of the body. When it occurs on the feet, it can easily be mistaken for athlete’s foot. This is just one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to head to the podiatrist if it seems like certain issues with the skin on the feet won’t go away. With psoriasis, there are several Skin Condition Treatments in Joliet IL available to patients, depending on the severity of the concern. From steroids to medications to reduce inflammation, there are ways to manage the issue and prevent other complications from arising. If you have a skin condition that is affecting your feet, make an appointment today with Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL.

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