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Signs That It’s Time to Seek Breast Cancer Treatment in Riverhead NY

Although there’s no way to prevent all cancer cases, it’s possible to reduce risk by living a healthy lifestyle and performing frequent screenings. When cancer is detected early, it’s more treatable. If one exhibits one or more of the signs below, they should seek Breast Cancer Treatment Riverhead NY. Read further to discover several warning signs of breast cancer.

Significant Weight Loss

According to the American Cancer Society, most cancer patients lose weight as they’re struggling with the disease. Any unexplained weight loss should warrant further examination, and a loss of ten pounds or more can be a sign of cancer.


Fever is a common symptom of many types of cancer, especially those that affect the immune system. Diminished immune function can make it more difficult for the patient’s body to fight an infection, but fever typically only appears after the cancer has spread.

Extreme Fatigue

It’s perfectly normal to feel exhausted after working, caring for children and maintaining the household, but the fatigue that comes with breast cancer is different. If one is extremely tired and can’t seem to get enough sleep, it could be a sign of a cancer that has metastasized.


Everyone has occasional aches and pains, but it’s important to pay careful attention to pains that don’t go away. Pain is an early indicator of certain cancers, but in most cases, it’s due to a cancer that has spread from its point of origin.

Thickening and Lumps

Many people don’t know, but it’s possible to feel cancer in the body. According to the American Cancer Society’s website, many breast cancers can be felt through skin. Report lumps and thickening in the breast or other body parts to a doctor immediately, especially if it is new or it has become larger. In addition to the symptoms above, patients should look for other signs such as skin warmth or redness, as well as clear or bloody discharge from the nipples.

Breast cancer affects up to 35% of women in their lifetime, but most cases are highly detectable by North Fork Radiology if discovered early. By practicing self-screening measures and by seeking Breast Cancer Treatment Riverhead NY at the earliest stages, patients can often go into permanent remission.

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