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The Advantages of a Mobile Pet Vet

Consider some of the pros and cons of starting to use a Chicago mobile vet for your pets. It seems that mobile veterinarians are becoming more and more popular today and can offer many benefits to a pet and pet owner who does not like to go to the veterinarian’s office.

Why Use One?

First, let’s talk about the benefits of using a mobile pet doctor. For some animals that go to the vet, it can be very stressful and traumatic. If the veterinarian comes to your home, that eliminates this problem. If you have a dog that might be aggressive at the vet office, this can sometimes be a stressful situation for both of you, but this does not exist when the veterinarian comes to you. Planning an appointment can sometimes take longer to your mobile veterinarian than in a typical office, so that for the routine care you need to be safe and schedule in advance. For emergency treatments such as when you need a veterinarian today, you may still need to have a backup veterinarian if your mobile veterinarian is unable to contact you quickly.

Other Great Reasons

Other benefits for a mobile veterinarian include situations with dogs that are perhaps very shy or frightened. The elderly really appreciate mobile services because it allows them to better manage their dog at home than in the veterinarian’s office. For households with several dogs having a vet come to you can always make life easier. If you are a breeder or have a young puppy, it is sometimes much safer for the puppy that he is not exposed to other dogs in a typical veterinary clinic.

The Advantages are Clear

Most mobile veterinarians can offer a wide range of services directly from their mobile office. However, sometimes they may not be able to perform certain procedures that would require specialized equipment. Again, in these cases, a traditional veterinarian is recommended. If you are interested in trying the services of a mobile vet, I think you will find for most people that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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