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People who are having trouble hearing may want to consider purchasing a hearing aid to help make it easier to hear, although this type of device won’t restore hearing totally back to normal. There are a few things that should be considered when purchasing a hearing aid in Norwich CT.

Style of Hearing Aid

There are a wide variety of different styles of hearing aids, including those that are completely in the canal, partly in the canal, in the ear, behind the ear or what is called open fit. Each has their pros and cons, and not all types are suitable for all people. For example, open fit hearing aids are best for mild or moderate hearing loss, while the behind the ear or in the ear styles are better for those with more severe types of hearing loss. For those looking for a hearing aid in Norwich CT that isn’t very visible, those that sit completely in the canal are the least visible option.


There are a number of features that someone might want in their hearing aid. Knowing which features you want can help to narrow down the options, as not all features are available in all types of hearing aids. Some types of hearing aids are better for noise reduction than others. Some have rechargeable batteries or remote controls or work with wireless connectivity. Other options include directional microphones and direct audio input that lets you plug the hearing aid directly into an audio source, such as a TV or computer. Sometimes hearing aids can be synchronized to make it possible for two people with hearing aids to hear each other better or can be programmed for various types of environments.

Other Tips

Make sure to see a doctor before purchasing a hearing aid, as some types of hearing loss may be correctable. Ask whether there is a warranty for parts and labor and whether there is a trial period which would let you try out a hearing aid for a bit before committing. Don’t believe any ad that says a hearing aid can restore your hearing or totally get rid of all background noise, as this isn’t possible.

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