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What a Wellness Exam Entails at an Animal Clinic in Lenexa, KS

Many pet owners avoid taking their pets to the vet if they are stressed when they go. However, wellness visits are important for ensuring your pet’s continued health. Knowing what to expect during a wellness examination will help you, and consequently your pet, be more relaxed during the visit.

Check their Vitals

Although no wellness visit is routine because they may vary by the age, species and health needs of a pet, there are some procedures done during most visits. One of the veterinarians at the animal clinic in Lenexa, KS will ask questions about their medical history. Then they will check their vitals, including their weight, listen to the heart, check their respiration, check their fur for fleas or ticks, and the condition of their skin.

Take Samples

The vet will do a blood draw, take urine and stool samples, and have the lab at the animal clinic test them. They are looking for signs of parasites and diseases, such as diabetes, anemia and thyroid dysfunction. Detecting diseases early will allow the vet to successfully treat them before a disease gets out of control.

Full Examination

As they are taking your pet’s vitals, the vet will also examine their eyes, ears and teeth to look for problems, such as plaque buildup, ear mites and cataracts. They will also manually exam your pet by feeling around their body to check for tumors or other suspicious lumps. If problems are found during an examination at Cherokee Animal Clinic, they can be treated right away or a treatment plan can be developed for your pet’s condition.

A wellness exam checks your pet from its nose to its tail to make sure there are no health problems. You should schedule an annual wellness check at the animal clinic to help your dog live a long healthy, happy life.

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