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It’s been a busy week. In addition to caring for your own family, including a few small children, you’re finding yourself making almost daily trips to your parents’ house to help them with various needs as well. You’re transporting them to various therapy and doctor appointments very often, and you’re starting to wonder if there might be an easier way for everyone. It might be time to consider help from a home health aide agency, available in Philadelphia, PA.

There are two basic types of agency assistance you can receive: home care (or personal care), and home health. These are very distinct services, and while many agencies can provide both, it’s important to understand the primary functions of each so that you know what to ask about and expect.
The main distinguishing factor between these two services is medical skill. Home health workers are trained in many basic medical tasks, including the following:

It’s important to consult with any agency to see if the services their personnel is trained in is a match for your loved one’s needs. Check on the training and certification processes for the individuals they hire, as well as for the agency as a whole.

You can also consider home health help as a temporary aid for yourself or others in the event of a medical situation such as a hospitalization or injury. Agencies can work with you to identify your needs today and to change the provided services as you or your loved one regains independence.

With help from a home health aide agency, you or those you care for may be able to use the support to successfully spend more valuable time at home, allowing medical care to come to you.

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