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Women Hair Transplant Surgeons are Available to Help in Dallas

It is well-documented that many men will lose their hair as they get older. Some begin to show signs of balding in their 20s and 30s. It is not as well-known that women lose their hair, too. The difference is that women can hide patches of baldness because they grow their hair longer than men. Thinning hair does become obvious eventually, though. There is no sector that technology has not touched at this point. Hair transplants for men have been touted for several years even though it has not gone mainstream. Women can receive hair transplants, too.

To undergo the right procedure that will restore a woman’s full head of hair or close to it begins with looking through a list of women hair transplant surgeons in Dallas. It is important to find a medical professional who offers these kinds of procedures for women, too. Then, an appointment can be set up to go over the options based on the situation. Someone who is interested in a Follicular Unit Extraction needs to find the surgeon who has studied the procedure and can confidently perform it. During an initial appointment, a potential patient can get to know the surgeon. There should be a comfort and trust level created. The surgeon should be able to describe the recommended procedure as well as manage the expectations of the potential patient.

Joseph R. Yaker, MD is among one of the women hair transplant surgeons in Dallas to consider. For more information, visit YAKER Hair Restoration + Med Spa.

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