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In addition to taking steps to protect your vision on a daily basis, you should be regularly undergoing an eye exam. Depending on your age, you will need a new eye exam every one to three years. You may also need to buy new glasses if your prescription has changed. Fortunately, you can do all of that from home when you undergo a telehealth eye exam in Jacksonville, FL.

Get Eye Care in Remote Areas

If you live in a rural area or don’t own a vehicle, you might find it hard to get to an optometrist’s office for an eye exam. Fortunately, the use of telehealth services allows you to get your vision care from your own home. As long as you have a desktop computer or laptop and an internet connection, you can take your eye exam from home.

Save Money

A motivating factor for patients is that telehealth eye care allows them to save money on office visits. A virtual consultation is often less than the cost of an in-person office visit. As the tech industry improves the ability to provide more comprehensive eye exams online, patients could save even more in the future.

Streamlined Service

By undergoing a telehealth eye exam in Jacksonville, FL, patients can take better care of their vision on a more consistent basis. They won’t miss important eye exams, which means vision problems could be diagnosed sooner. Additionally, people can order new glasses only minutes after completing their eye exams.

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