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Implementation of Checklist Boards has been known to reduce error, improve teamwork and ensure more significant levels of patient safety. If you want to improve success rates at your facility while providing the best for your patients, make sure that checklist boards have been implemented. Here are a few things that you and your team need to make that happen:

Look for the Right Boards

Make sure you look for reputable and trustworthy makers of boards. If you want to improve your process, putting up surgical safety checklists at different points in your facility is a must. Some companies create checklist boards according to your needs.

Make a List of What You Need

How many boards will you order? These boards aren’t just used inside operating rooms. They’re present everywhere, from the emergency department to the pre-op setting, and more. Consider where else those checklist boards will do the most good and add those places to your list.

Check on the Material

When you look for checklist boards, determine which materials are the most durable. What materials are checklist boards commonly made of? Some might offer clear acrylic. That’s a durable option.

Ask About Optimization

Make sure you look for checklist boards that you can customize according to the needs of your team. Some boards have additional space set aside for the counts or notes section on the board. The board manufacturer must work closely with a member of your team to ensure that they get the details right. Since there are different sites and departments, each checklist must be designed to meet site-specific needs.

Check for Any Errors

The goal of the checklist boards is to help your team perform better. They provide a backup to memory. Whether it’s a routine procedure or an emergency procedure, the checklist aids by making it possible for the staff to think on their feet, to remember the steps in a snap, and to reduce any worry on their end that detail or step might have slipped them by.

Consider the Design

The boards must be completely assembled upon delivery. They are usually designed to be mounted on a wall. Is there a patented slider that you can move from side to side, from red to green, that comes with an audible click to show that that item on the checklist is complete? That’s just one of the designs that you can choose. Learn more when you shop around for options.

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