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3 Questions to Ask a New OBGYN in Norman, OK

It isn’t easy to change doctors. This is especially true when it comes to an OBGYN in Norman OK. Because of the professional relationship that often forms between doctor and patient, it can be tough to go in and seek treatment from someone new. If it’s time to choose a new physician, here are three questions to ask before setting up the first appointment.

What insurance do you accept?

Cost is often the biggest factor when it comes to finding a new doctor. Most women want to see someone that accepts their insurance and is within their insurance network, decreasing the out of pocket expense. While another patient may mention what type of insurance a doctor accepts, it still makes sense to make the phone call and verify the information before the first appointment. However, if you need more information about our practice, you can find a lot of valuable resources when you Browse our Website.

How accessible are appointments?

It doesn’t help to have a doctor that accepts the right type of insurance but is impossible to get in to see. Ask the new OBGYN in Norman OK about the availability of appointments. While there are times when things may be a little busier, what is the average wait time in days or weeks to see a doctor when calling for an appointment? If there are so many patients that it takes a really long time to get in, this may not be the best choice of physician.

Do you offer after hour contact or care?

Things tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. Women may feel great during regular business hours but begin to head downhill during the weekend. It’s important to find out what type of contact and services are available outside of the traditional office hours. Most doctors have an answering service that will take a message and contact the physician on duty. Then, if an emergency does take place, there is a hospital that patients are directed to. Patients that are expecting will want to know that there is a process in place when the time comes to deliver or when there are questions or concerns about the pregnancy.

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