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Being a parent is hard. There are always a million decisions that need to be made and just as much conflicting information. One decision a parent has to make is whether to give their toddler cow’s milk after their first birthday or give them toddler formula. Keep reading to learn more about why parents are choosing the latter.

Smoother Transition

Cow’s milk can give small children tummy aches. Formulas designed specifically for toddlers make the transition to cow’s milk easier. Many parents find their children have fewer digestive issues.

Similar Taste and Texture

Formula-fed babies sometimes find the transition from formula to cow’s milk jarring. They don’t like the difference in taste and texture. Cow’s milk, unlike breastmilk, is much different than formula. Parents want their children to get their nutrients from milk, but some children refuse cow’s milk because of the taste and texture difference. Transitioning to a formula specifically for toddlers ensures the child is having their nutritional needs met.

Nutritional Benefits

Speaking of nutritional needs, toddler, like infant formula, has as many nutrients as whole milk but many other supplements too. Milk specifically designed for toddlers has extra iron, Vitamin D, phosphorus, and calcium.

Choosing the Right Toddler Milk

Parents interested in introducing toddler milk formulas must be picky. Choose products that are pediatrician approved, hypo-allergenic, and include DHA, ARA, and prebiotics. Although the FDA doesn’t require toddler milk to have DHA, it’s important because it’s naturally occurring in breastmilk.

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