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It’s very common to experience neck pain. When this is frequent and serious, it might be time to find help from a specialist in Chicago. The causes and nature of this pain vary greatly. One thing is certain—your local chiropractor is the best person to see for relief and treatment of this condition.

Typical Causes

If your pain is caused by sitting in a certain position for a prolonged period, it is more than likely just mild discomfort which goes away after you straighten up. If, however, your pain is severe and recurring, you could have some different issues at play.

One of the most common causes of this type of pain is a previous injury. A sudden jolt is a sure way of causing serious harm and pain. Another cause is a mechanical problem such as muscle rheumatism. It has also been shown that worry and stress can contribute to serious pain in the neck area. More serious causes are spinal and bone-related. These include osteoporosis, a slipped disc, or brittle bones. Your doctor can perform a full diagnosis including various tests and x-rays to get to the real cause of your particular pain.

Typical Remedies

Once your doctor or chiropractor has zeroed in on the nature of your issue, they are ready to prescribe treatment accordingly. Treatment often includes a combination of different elements including medication, psychotherapy, heat and cold treatment, massage therapy, and acupuncture. So if you have any serious discomfort, help, and treatment are available through some different methods depending on the severity of your condition.

If you are looking for treatment with your neck pain, get in touch with Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers in Chicago. You can find them online at Like us on our facebook page.

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