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For eye patients that are nearsighted, even essential daily tasks can pose a serious challenge. Thankfully, modern optometry offers several options when it comes to vision correction. Patients have the choice between undergoing laser surgery, being fitted for glasses, and getting a prescription for Contact Lenses in Derby KS. This article is designed to help patients understand the benefits of contact lenses over glasses.

Take Advantage of a Full Field of Vision

Wearing glasses helps patients to see what is directly in front of them, but it does not improve their peripheral vision. In comparison, patients who choose to wear contacts will notice improvements in their peripheral vision as well as the center of their field of vision. This can be extremely helpful when driving, playing sports, or performing any activity that requires a full field of clear vision.

No Obstructions

Even glasses that are designed to have a thinner frame still come with a certain amount of vision obstruction. The frames or edges of the lens form a physical obstruction and glare or reflections off the back sides of the lenses can be extremely distracting. Contacts, on the other hand, do not obstruct a patient’s vision and don’t cause reflections or glare.

More Comfortable

Glasses place an uncomfortable weight on a patient’s face and ears and must be readjusted constantly to prevent them from slipping down the nose. Contacts, on the other hand, do not place any weight at all on the face and only need to be adjusted when a patient’s prescription changes.

Aesthetic Appeal

Many patients who wear glasses find that it is difficult to find glasses that complement their unique style and facial structure. Plus, should their style or wardrobe change, they’ll need to go out and purchase a new pair of glasses to match these changes. Those who wear Contact Lenses in Derby KS, on the other hand, do not need to worry about changing wardrobes and styles.

Get a Prescription Today

Patients who have been relying on glasses to correct their nearsightedness may not realize that contact lenses require a slightly different prescription. They will have to head to an optometrist in order to ensure that their contacts will be able to help them see as clearly as possible. Visit us for more information about contact lenses and other corrective devices.

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