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If someone you love is in need of extra care, you may be considering hiring a home health aide in Philadelphia. However, you might be having a few reservations? Is hiring one better than a retirement or nursing home? Will the person you love or yourself see any differences? Here are a few benefits to hiring an at-home aide.

Less Anxiety. With retirement and nursing homes, the patient is in an unfamiliar environment that you may not be comfortable with, which can then lead to a lot of worrying. With help at home, the patient is in a familiar environment that they know how to navigate. This leads to less anxiety on your end.

Save Money. Retirement homes can be costly. In comparison, receiving care at home is generally cheaper, and you get the same type of assistance in your own home. Additionally, most at-home care is covered by Medicare or Medicaid, and long-term insurance plans. This will save you money in the long run that you can put to other use.

More Independence. When the patient receives assistance at home, they have more independence in regards to what they do and when they do it. More independence leads to more confidence, which has positive effects on their emotions. They can choose what to eat, when to go out, what they do in their free time and other things.

Personalized. One of the best parts of getting assistance at home is that the care is personalized to that specific person and their needs, which is not common in care outside the home. A personalized care system is better for the patient in that they get the exact care they need to live their best life.

There are many benefits to hiring a home health aide in Philadelphia. These benefits are not limited to cost, independence, and personalized care. If you have the option to have this type of care, don’t hesitate to consider it!

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