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How to Upgrade Your COW by Adding a Portable Power Pack

Mobile computer carts are revolutionizing several industries, including the medical industry. While medical professionals are utilizing these computers-on-wheels (COWs) to increase their efficiency in care for their patients, industrial companies are using COWs to increase mobility and efficiency in their warehouses. Portable power packs are a great way to keep these COWs running for entire shifts, and minimizes the disruption of having to plug them in or worry about a draining battery.

Mobility and efficiency

Warehouse spaces are large, and it can be a challenge to get from one point to the next with an industrial rolling computer cart in tow. When you’re looking for a mobile workstation, you want to choose one that is lightweight and easily maneuverable, and one that will keep up with you.

Being able to take along your computer, label printers, and scanner all in one workstation is a considerable help to employees who are working with other departments or supervisors who need to keep an eye on several areas of the warehouse.

By adding a portable power back to your industrial rolling computer cart, you can move about the warehouse freely while having confidence in the fact that you won’t have to stop and find a place to plug in.

Many companies manufacturers make mobile workstations with visual battery life indicators so you’ll have plenty of time to switch out the old battery with the new one, and not interrupt your work.

Long-lasting power packs

Most power packs for COWs are designed to last anywhere between 6 and 10 hours, depending on use and demand. This is significantly longer than older power packs which would typically last a mere 4-5 hours before needing to be charged.

With new hybrid battery technologies being designed, along with smart batteries that adjust their usage according to software and hardware usage, many batteries packs can last at least 8 hours. With a portable power pack, you can easily swap these batteries out when they begin to run low.

Easy swap and no fuss

Most industrial rolling computer carts are equipped with Hot-Swap battery technology. Hot-Swap batteries are easy to change quickly and don’t interrupt the performance of your COW. Simply take out the low battery and switch it with the fully-charged battery that is in the holder on the cart. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds, and the fully-charged battery will allow you to keep moving about the warehouse with confidence that your computer can do its job.

The best part is that most power packs recharge quickly, too, so you will always have plenty of fully-charged power packs available for all your warehouse industrial rolling computer carts.

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